13 Saturday to 18 Thursday

Booking Date: 22 April

27 Saturday to June 1 Thursday

Booking Date: 08 May


3 Saturday to 8 Thursday

Booking Date: 16 May

24 Saturday to 29 Thursday

Booking Date: 30 May


2 Sunday to 7 Friday

Booking Date: 13 June

15 Saturday to 20 Thursday

Booking Date: 27 June


6 Sunday to 11 Friday

Booking Date: 18 July

26 Saturday to 31 Thursday

Booking Date: 1 August


3 Sunday to 8 Friday

Booking Date: 16 August

9 Saturday to 14 Thursday

Booking Date: 22 August

30 Saturday to October 5 Thursday

Booking Date: 12 September


07 Saturday to 12 Thursday

Booking Date: 18 September

28 Saturday to November 2 Thursday

Booking Date: 4 October


12 Sunday to 17 Friday

Booking Date: 24 October

26 Sunday to December 1 Friday

Booking Date: November


25 Monday to 30 Saturday

Booking Date: 29 November

31 Sunday to January 5 Friday

Booking Date: 5 December

Feast of Divine Mercy | 7 to16 April 2023 | 24 hours Perpetual Adoration | Online & offline

Good Friday Message by fr Dominic valanmanal

Day 03 | Feast of Divine Mercy | 7 to16 April 2023 | 24 hours Perpetual Adoration | Online & offline

Incline your ear, and come to me; listen, so that you may live

[Isaiah 55:3]

As Mark 16:20 says, "And they went forth and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them and confirmed the word through accompanying signs." When the word of God is preached here, God showers abundant miracles and signs realizing HIS promises and revealing the very presence of resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. When the streams of God’s grace are opened, your hearts are drenched with Holy Spirit; it becomes Krupabhishekam – a Grace Anointing experience!

Reconnect with God, Experience God's love and peace, Receive healing and deliverance, Anointed by gifts of the HOLY SPIRIT Know God’s plan, guidance for your life and restore your life, health and family. Start a new beginning in your life. Experience good confession and right conversion

We welcome everyone to Marian Retreat Centre. Together with Mother Mary, let us walk through the path of God's abundant love.

Fr.Dominic Valanmanal

Director, Marian Retreat Centre Anakkara.

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